Passion for knitting since 1968

Authenticity, quality, attention to detail, 100% made in Spain manufacturing… there is a long list of reasons that make TACHI & ZUCCA the brand it is today. But the most important thing is in each of the women who choose the brand to dress every day.

Tachi & Zucca

A World to discover

Our beginnings date back to 1968, in a small family-friendly knitwear workshop. Expanding for 30 years and forming in 1997, TACHI & ZUCCA, capable of taking its brand to the whole world and that has managed to grow, combining the passion of its founders, with a human team that enjoys what it does.




In the same facilities where each garment is manufactured, our design team creates collections each season that combine market trends with the needs of real women.


Selection of raw materials

The secret to offering the best finishes is to use only the best raw materials that our team is in charge of personally selecting




During its manufacture, each garment goes through different production processes, in which part of manual work is combined with mechanized processes, using the latest technology and maintaining the sustainability and quality of the entire production process.

Craft Process


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Materias Primas


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Tradición e innovación


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Selección Materia Prima

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Ropa de diseño


Wellcome to Tachi & Zucca

Artisanal Process

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